I am that I am and what I am is authentic to myself,

 I am peace,

 I am love,

I am compassion

 I am pure,

 I am happy

 I am content 

I am passionate 

I am courage 

I am optimistic

I am, that I am and what I am, is authentic to myself 

I am practical,

 I am analytical, critical 

More often times then not,subliminal, 

I am my thoughts my thoughts are what make me who I am,that I am and what I will always be, myself. nothing is here by mistake we’re not here by mistake.  #IamthatIam

Be Authentic! ❤🌞 Blessing 

The Good Herb Series kick off:)

Hey guys!! Soo for the past few months, I’ve been reading this AMAZING book on healing foods called The Good Herb Recipes and Remedies from Nature by Judith Benn Hurley. With as much bad luck I’ve had with big pharma and  medicines that just didn’t do a thing for me, looking for a more heathy  and natural alternative became inevitable. While most  diseases are curable and can be shortened if we as a collective got back to our roots, back to the earth, and our natural way of living. If you feel your dealing with something more serious going to see your normal doctor is never out of the question, even if you just want to be sure!

For the next coming weeks and months, I’m going to share with you what has worked for me and also share recommendations on what has worked for others based on my research. I look forward to helping you guys and myself  achieve a more healthy way of living, because if you keep your body healthy  your mind will become healthy also! And vice versa (but that’s another series (; ).  Now if your wanting to purchase this book and have it for your self you can find it here The Good Herb. Live happy and healthy together. We deserve it! Right?? Right!

Blessings! ❤ King

Time out..

Time out.. Mystical Physical I’m heading to the top that’s my pinnical

Time out.. Everything I do is subliminal man I’m bout to manifest a mirical

Time out. Don’t worry about my thoughts they’re retainable , so forget trying to be, attainable

Time out, I see life from a different view, I move to take action while the wicked one fools you.

Time out, now tell me what there is to do? Maybe come together as a mindful group. They talk about the sickness but they gave the flu , maybe even. Ebola to!

Time out, you say you want the planet green but your poisoning it with your industry’s

Time out, excuse me for a minute cause I’m venting and tired of being a victim when we can stand up to this B’s of a system

This isn’t a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic our rights are there for a reason and I’ll be darned if you touched them.

Time out..

The talk of building a wall, is driving me insane. So really sit back and think for a min… With all this talk of order out of chaos is it to keep certain humans out..Or certain ones IN? who knows. I’m just looking for the truth my friend.. -King

I know you think it’s wrong.

I know you think it’s wrong but it keeps me holding on to you.

Sometimes I get lost but I find myself back to you

What is really true? Cause I’m searching for that knowledge to

And all along my brain is scramble, in shambles so how can I make it through?

I tell them that I pray and they ask me to who?

The one and only Almighty and not worried bout a selected few.

So I’m sticking to my goals like I’m attached to some glue..

Now tell me what you say is true..Then I’m falling down the ladder to.

For if it’s wrong, that I provide for my family then ill suffer to.

Family is forever so I’m standing true, please don’t misconstrue because.. I’m more then happy to!

I know you think it’s wrong but it keeps me holding on..To you

Blessing 🌞

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Bars to the future..

Relinquish this pain with that flame all smoke to my brain

lost is my name contemplating the sanity  of what remains

took a long walk to figure out what I can, I’m off course cause its driving me insane

my plan is to make it to the top of this plain

one name, king lee in the game working for change burning propane power to the flower lets raise

the bar to the stars and not gaze

looking afar in a daze, relentless pursuit in my fame

more like a lion can not in anyway be tamed

ahh, see its coming back to me seems now I can write and talk more freely

at one time it was hard but I do this so easily

embracing me the new me that your hearing

the tearing has ended and my pursuit there’s no ending

but that chapter has, so its time for a new beginning

and the only thing I can think about now is winning ❤   -King

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Am I crazy or is it you?

I feel your warmth 

I feel your grace

Tell me what am I to do

To find my place?

To find your grace

In this world, I dont see a trace

Because I’m lost. 

My flaws seem to show above of all And it’s my fault for not overcoming Them all. 

But will I fall.. for going the way that I’m going?

Am I strong?

I guess I have an inner-sense of knowing

My life has been nothing but pain and this is my chance to regain, The inheritance of a higher plain

And some may say that I am delusional insane but is all the same.

Cause even when this time has me feeling kinda blue, I ask my self am I the one crazy or is it you?


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